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Don't let me die still wondering

I'll walk beside you in the golden land

8 November
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Werven is a rather acerbic character with distinct overtones of sarcasm and dry humor. She sings almost constantly, either loudly or in her head, and tends to whistle when not singing. She sincerely dislikes hot weather, and enjoys winter and fall weather and associated clothing. She has a great fondness for silver jewelry, especially rings and necklaces, a large amount of very long wavy brown hair, and enjoys doing weird things with her eyes to freak out acquaintances and strangers alike. She tends to amuse herself when bored, calling upon her stock of incense, candles, and lighters to change the atmosphere of a room (fragrant, luminous and frightening, respectively). She doesn't like meeting new people, holds some bad grudges, and is currently suffering from the afteraffects of eating a whole bag of chocolate-covered espresso beans. She hates being wet, but loves being on the water. She loves to read almost as much as she loves to sing or tease people. Dangerously passionate about her views and unyielding to wrongdoers, she tends to be rather blunt and tactless when confronting people who annoy her. She attempts to be less pretentious, with mixed results.

Optimal habitat: mountaintop forest
Favorite foods: Japanese cuisine, Indian food, steak
Obsessions: tea, fountain pens, reading, people-watching, fire